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Posted on: July 22nd, 2011 by Bill No Comments

This will be a nice short post. Today in my Environmental Conservation class (which is not nearly as interesting as you might think… zzzzzzz), our teacher started discussing the final exam next week. Here’s basically how it went down:

Teach: The final exam will consist of 9 or 10 short essay questions. You’ll pick 6 to answer with a few paragraphs each. The lecture notes are all online for you to study.
Random Student #1: Will we be able to print the lecture notes to use during the exam?
Teach: No. It will be closed-book and closed-note.
Random Student #2: Should we bring a bluebook*?
Teach: ….. Wow. Until you brought up the bluebook, I hadn’t realized just how much I was going to have to grade. I don’t want to do that much. I’m making it a take-home exam.
Class: (Cheers wildly)

*In case you don’t know, a bluebook is essentially a small stack (10-15 pages) of bound college-ruled paper. It is used in a lot of classes for final exams for writing in-class essays.

So there you have it. Random Student #2, you are my hero for today!


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